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Head of Boys Section

Date Posted:Jun 27,2022
Fill Date:Sep 25,2022
Location:Saudi Arabia » Jeddah
Required No.:1
Employment Type:Full Time
Duties:Responsible for the overall teachers’ evaluation, provides recommendations for development throughout the school year. He will assume educational guidance and supervision for each department and subject area to ensure that students are taught and supervised in a safe learning environment and provides instruction that meets and exceeds the School Core Curriculum Content Standards, following the approved curricula.. Conduct classroom observations (formal and informal) of the teachers and will offer support and guidance to the lead teachers to enhance and support teachers’ academic performance. He will identify the developmental needs of each department and implement substantial coaching, training and mentoring strategies to improve teaching techniques, knowledge and skills throughout the year.
Major:Education- English
Experience (Years):5+
Special Requirements:Background in School Leadership and proven ability to manage areas such as curriculum, student discipline, attendance and staff management. A strong understanding of the American Diploma and IB is a plus.