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Social Worker

Date Posted:May 07,2024
Fill Date:Aug 15,2024
Location:Saudi Arabia » Jeddah
Required No.:2
Employment Type:
Duties:Include but are not limited to: 1- Promoting and supporting values, programs, and activities that promote pride in religion, loyalty to the king, belonging to the homeland, and preservation of a safe environment. 2- Providing individual and group counseling to meet the developmental, preventive, and therapeutic needs of students. 3- Providing advice to parents, teachers, and other employees to help them meet the students’ needs. 4- Coordinating all advisory services and providing them to students in schools. 5- Evaluating students and studying test results and other students’ data to help teachers improve the students’ educational level by using appropriate scientific assessment strategies, monitoring students’ achievement levels, and helping them improve their performance. 6- Participate in professional development programs and upgrade professional knowledge and skills when needed. 7- Promoting mental health among students and guidance methods, discovering students’ abilities and inclinations, developing them, and contributing to directing gifted students to appropriate specializations. 8- Preparing the annual plan for the student guidance program in schools.
Major:Psychology- Social Studies
Experience (Years):2
Special Requirements: