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Graphic Designer

Date Posted:Jul 14,2023
Fill Date:Aug 15,2022
Location:Saudi Arabia » Jeddah
Required No.:
Employment Type:
Duties:1. Prepare design layouts, specifications for newsletters, brochures, flyers, invitation cards, and other material corporate material (print and electronic) in line with the school brand guidelines. 2. Prepare design layouts and concepts for social media posts and ads. 3. Prepare editorial plan for social media with clear timeframe, and ensure content is reviewed and approved. 4. Ensure ideas and critical information are set forward about potential projects. 5. Develop design concepts for different events based on the school guidelines. 6. Coordinate interrelated activities with other staff members to ensure timely delivery of the needed collaterals. 7. Assist with brainstorming, marketing, and advertising strategies to promote the school and its activities. 8. Think creatively to produce new ideas and concepts and develop interactive designs that match the school guidelines. 9. Work on digital projects such as the school’s website, yearbook, videos, and other digital collaterals. 10. Take photos as needed for the different collaterals to be produced. 11. Shoot, edit, and produce videos that market the school and put its image forward. 12. Develop animations that are relevant to the school environment using latest design techniques. 13. Present finalized ideas and concepts to the person in charge based on the channel of command. 14. Select proper paper, ink, type, illustrations and printing techniques to be applied in total production. 15. Be willing to adjust design and content based on internal and external feedback. 16. Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein.
Major:Graphic Design
Language:Arabic, English
Experience (Years):3 -5
Special Requirements:Have strong communication skills.